The vertebrate retina is a light sensitive part inside the inner layer of the eye. The photoreceptor cells, rods and cones, receive light and transform it into image-forming signals which are transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain. In this respect, the retina is comparable to the film in a camera.

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bovine cones Stack B7g6serie C PICS Movie_x264


Cat Calbindin Parvalbumin CCBPV proj 2 copia_x264

Degeneration of P23H rat retina Recoverin PKC

Fish dopaminergic amacrine cells WBTOHF

Horizontal cells turtle figure6

Horizontal P23 H degeneration

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Monkey Golgi ganglion good

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Squirrel ChAt amacrine cells

Squirrel Dopaminergic amacrine cells Movie SQ 7 Toh

Squirrel Ganglion cells Calretinin

Squirrel Horizontal and bipolar cells Calbindin

Squirrel Movie 5 SQ CR

Squirrel Th displaced Movie 81 tohdis

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Turtle Amacrine S2 Golgi

Turtle ganglionar tri

Turtle Horizontal terminals figure8

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